Artist / Author C.B. FRASER

HAIKU CATS’ quirky line of paper products began with the creation of the HAIKU CATS gift book.  Artist/Author Cynthia B.(C.B.) Fraser remembers its inception this way:

"So this cat walked up to me and said, "YEOW!" We had a brief exchange. Perhaps he heard a cry for help in my tone; he followed me home. As he crossed the threshold, the source of my distress revealed itself: a large male human with zero affinity for cats or the concerns of troubled women. The presence of the cat highlighted a need for change in my life; and for the next few weeks, the cat, the Universe and my friends conspired to bring about this change.  The cat (Kitty Boy) and I ultimately found a cottage with a garden. He, in exchange for safe haven and lots of lap time, introduced me to the merits of healthy detachment and the restorative powers of napping. In this ideal creative environment my artistic nature flourished, and so began HAIKU CATS, a book conceived in trying times by a closet artist and a charismatic old alley cat."

C.B. Fraser’s cat collages are a confluence of antique Japanese prints, scissors, ink and an artist who loves nothing more than the surprises lurking in the creative process. The haiku are inspired by feline behavior in all its grace and aberration. When the artist is not cutting up paper, patting cats or napping, she can be found teaching Taoist yoga and reflecting on her great good fortune.

In addition to HAIKU CATS, C.B. Fraser also has a collection of feline inspired fine art collages, totems, and other whimsical creations.  Take a look HERE.


 SITUATION BOOK has had the pleasure of collaborating with Ms.  Fraser as Designer / Producer of the HAIKU CATS project. SITUATION BOOK enables artists to realize their full potential,  identify  and understand their core strengths and vision, and  facilitate production of that vision in a myriad of forms, including  websites, books, exhibitions, or any other path the artist envisions.